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At the Capitol Series

Latest Episode - Audio: Ep. 23 At the Capitol: Sine Die Recap, 2021 Session in Review

With the conclusion of Georgia’s 2021 legislative session, ACLU of Georgia executive director Andrea Young and political director Christopher Bruce join Kenyatta to discuss the movement of key legislation including voter rights and the right to protest.

Other Episodes - Audio

Latest Video Episode

Other Video Episodes

Liberty is Peachy

Listen to the ACLU of GA’s podcast series exploring civil rights and liberties issues effecting Georgians. 

Latest Episode - Audio: Voting Central, Ep. 18 Liberty is Peachy

Other Episodes - Audio

August - December 2020

March - July 2020

January - February 2020

Examining Justice

Latest Episode Video: Voting Central, Ep. 18 Liberty is Peachy

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